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Mystic name and mystic natural sound are given to every single thing in this life. The Universe has its own sound. It has always sounded before we came and it will always do after we go, but probably with a little change… People, who play essential and harmonic part in the orchestra of nature, have simply got used to the eternal sound of life and just closed their ears to it. Striving hard to get back to the original music of the entity and finding their own part, even though far from perfection is the key idea that unites all the members of SHAMAN YET BOOBEN project. In fact, everything can produce sound starting from indigestion to amor patriae, and all these are integral parts of our lives. Early shamans used to attract ancient spirits and tried to merge with water, air and fire elements through dancing, singing and beating out the time of their timbrels. Nowadays, we’ve got what we’ve got, which is big city life, endless traffic jams, information overdose and lack of fresh breath, loneliness, willingness to gross out at any time, betrayal and constant stress. That is what we really are. But, nevertheless, we have a right for living and self-expression. Nothing is constant, things are up to the minute and written in water. So we lay ourselves out, that afterwards a three day period is sometimes not enough for recreation.